OCEAN REEF Emerald Extender Kit OR025039
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Ocean Reef

OCEAN REEF Emerald Extender Kit (OR025039)

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OCEAN REEF Emerald Extender Kit (OR025039)
OCEAN REEF Emerald Extender Kit (OR025039)
OCEAN REEF Emerald Extender Kit (OR025039)
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Features of OCEAN REEF Emerald Extender Kit OR025039

  • Take your underwater experience to new heights with the Ocean Reef Extender Kit
  • Designed to fit your Ocean Reef Full Face Diving masks with nylon clamping band from 2006 on
  • Retrofittable On SPACE, G.divers and Raptor Masks
  • Allows you to customize your Integrated Diving Mask (IDM) System with cameras and accessories
  • The diving Extender kit includes Frame, new NACS and Earphone supports
  • A durable frame provides additional protection for your head
  • NACS communication support assembly allows you to mount your O.R. communication device to your IDM
  • Earphone support system rotate at a 30-degree angle and can be used for sports cameras for an on-board viewpoint
  • Light, sturdy, and durable the diving Extender Kit is easy to install

Product Info for OCEAN REEF Emerald Extender Kit OR025039

The OCEAN REEF Extender Kit is the perfect addition to your Gdivers basic model IDM or any other OCEAN REEF full-face scuba masks from 2006 on (with nylon clamping band).

Each kit includes:

Frame: frames are extra protection for your head, an aesthetic finishing to your mask, customization to better identify the diver, and a wide surface to add anything you can think of. On the top, there is a flat surface, perfect to add any GoPro - like sports camera.

New NACS or Neptune Adjustable Communication Support is a Patented OCEAN REEF accessory used to mount your O.R. communication device to your IDM. It's light, sturdy, and durable. It distributes the weight of the comm unit perfectly on the mask, you don't feel it anymore.

Earphone supports: not only these can be used in case you have a GSM G-Power SL communication unit (you can install the earphones on them), but you can also drill holes in the pre-defined points and install side lights. These supports also rotate at a 30-degree angle. The same support can also be used for sports cameras for an on-board viewpoint!


For more than 70 years, OCEAN REEF has been involved in the underwater diving industry. We have contributed much to this industry, from fins and snorkels to the most modern systems of underwater communication. Through the spirit of intrepid pioneers, brilliant inventors, passionate divers, and dynamic entrepreneurs, OCEAN REEF has been able to turn dreams into reality in the underwater world. Nowadays the OCEAN REEF brand is committed to making the underwater world more favorable to mankind, by making its experiences easier. OCEAN REEF invents, designs, and produces equipment to be fully at ease in discovering underwater wonders.

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