TFO Axiom II-X 9ft Fly Rod with Case TF-06-90-4-A2-X


TFO Axiom II-X 9ft Fly Rod with Case (TF-06-90-4-A2-X)

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  • TFO Axiom II-X 9ft Fly Rod with Case (TF-06-90-4-A2-X)
  • TFO Axiom II-X 9ft Fly Rod with Case (TF-06-90-4-A2-X)
  • TFO Axiom II-X 9ft Fly Rod with Case (TF-06-90-4-A2-X)
  • TFO Axiom II-X 9ft Fly Rod with Case (TF-06-90-4-A2-X)

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Features of TFO Axiom II-X 9ft Fly Rod with Case TF-06-90-4-A2-X

  • Ultra-lightweight chromium impregnated stainless-steel RECOIL snake guides
  • Color coded alignment dots
  • Rod sock and rod tube included
  • Anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat with carbon fiber inserts

Product Info for TFO Axiom II-X 9ft Fly Rod with Case TF-06-90-4-A2-X

The TFO Axiom II-X Fly Rod was designed for the intermediate to advanced fly angler seeking to maximize accuracy at distance. Based on the fast action of their renowned TiCrX, they used their highest modulus material and Axiom technology to redefine performance in an extremely powerful fly rod. Unlike other "stiff" rods, the Axiom II-X delivers both the energy necessary for long casts and the incredible tracking and recovery which results in accuracy at distance. If it comes down to one cast, one perfect long cast, this is the fishing tool to do the job.

TFO's patented and exclusive Axiom technology embeds a double-helix of Kevlar within the blank. The superior tensile strength of the Kevlar acts to buttress the rod's carbon fiber matrix in compression. The result is that Axiom series fly rods stabilize faster and smoother, absorb shock better and comfortably tolerate over-loading. The angler benefits because Axiom technology virtually eliminates the ability to over power the rod when casting. Bottom line – whether you carry more line in the air or push the rod to the limit, you won't feel any mushiness – What you will feel is line ripping out of your hand as it launches.

The Axiom II-X series is constructed with high modulus carbon fiber material and an embedded double-helix of Kevlar within the blank all finished in a satin sky blue. The series features premium quality cork handles with burl accents, anodized aluminum up-locking reel seats with carbon fiber inserts. All eight models feature alignment dots color coded by line weight, RECOIL guides by REC and ultra-lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless-steel snake guides. All Axiom II-X rods are packaged in a labeled rod sock and rod tube.

The Axiom II-X series delivers exceptional casting performance and efficiency that when combined with TFO's no-fault lifetime warranty make them the perfect choice when distance and accuracy are the price of a life time trophy.

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Size Chart/Specs

Length 9' 0"
Line Weight 6
Action Extra Fast
Weight, oz 3.2
Handle Type A
Pieces 4
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Additional Information

Product Type:
Fly Rods
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