VANCE LEATHERS USA Old School Get Back Whips VA400BW

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VANCE LEATHERS USA Old School Get Back Black/White Whips (VA400BW)

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Features of VANCE LEATHERS USA Old School Get Back Whips VA400BW

  • Made from durable full grain leather
  • Braided over a rope core and attached by quick-release
  • Fits most clutch and brake levers
  • Length: 36 inches

Product Info for VANCE LEATHERS USA Old School Get Back Whips VA400BW

You need to create every advantage you can nowadays to avoid being run over, years ago motorcycles were the only vehicles with the headlight on all the time and people noticed us, now almost every vehicle made comes with daytime running lights. When you have a long whip from Vance hanging from your lever blowing in the breeze you attract attention and catch the eye of other drivers.

The Get Back Whips will fan out while riding and will not slap the rider or passenger. All Get Back Whips are Hand-Braided over a rope core and attached directly to a Quick Release (aka - Panic Snap) it can be attached to either the brake or clutch lever. With a quick downward pull, the whip can be released quickly in case of an "emergency". The panic snap is commonly used in the horse field to release an out of control horse. All whips are made from the same full grain upholstery leather used in all vance Leather products.

Today the whips are used for aesthetic reasons only but like most things they have a history of their own. Back in the day, these leather whips were usually made with the 1% bike club colors, besides showing off their club colors the whips could be quickly released and used "in case of emergency" to swing at anything that was causing a threat to the biker, hence the name "Get Back Whip".

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