HORSEWARE IRELAND Micklem 2 Multibridle

Horseware Ireland

HORSEWARE IRELAND Micklem 2 Multibridle

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Features of HORSEWARE IRELAND Micklem 2 Multibridle

  • Improved Leather Quality
  • Anatomical headpiece
  • Nose Band
  • Refined Buckles
  • Brow Band

Product Info for HORSEWARE IRELAND Micklem 2 Multibridle

The Horseware Micklem 2 series is more comfortable and animal-friendly, allowing horses to perform better. The difference between the Horseware Micklem 2 Multibridle is that the Multi bridle features a ring on the noseband for attaching a lunging line. In addition, the Multi bridle can also be used bitless and is always equipped with gold-coloured buckles. Embracing a unique bridle design with an updated headpiece, the Micklem Bridle eliminates pressure around your horse's sensitive poll and ears to alleviate discomfort and reduce tension.

Benefits of using a micklem bridle:
1. Eliminates discomfort caused by pressure on the nerves;
2. Minimizes internal mouth damage;
3. Overcomes numbness in the lower half of your horse’s face that can be caused by pressure on nerves;
4. Reduces any discomfort or restriction of breathing caused by low fitting dropped nosebands;
5. Removes discomfort and pain under the tongue caused by pressure.

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Size Chart/Specs


Horse Height


11.0HH (103cm) wide head to - 14HH (143cm) small head

Small Horse

14HH (143cm) wide head - 16HH (163cm) small head

Super Cob

14HH (143cm) to 16HH (163cm) chunky head or big cheek bones

Standard Horse

16HH (163cm) wide head - 17HH (173cm) small head

Large Horse

16.2HH (168cm) wide head or larger

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Additional Information

Horseback Riding
Micklem 2
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