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Hunting Bibs & Waders

If waterfowl is your game of choice and you plan to spend the next hunting season traversing flooded timber, hunting bibs and waders become an indispensable part of your hunting outfit. Staying dry is not an easy task even when you don’t interact with water, but when flooded timber is involved, the risks of returning home dripping wet rise tenfold. Since you are not very likely to submerge as deep as your shoulders, it is the lower part of the body that needs ultimate protection. Waterproof hunting waders are often the only thing that stands between you and water, so it’s hard to overestimate the importance of choosing the right piece of clothing. It is also vital to remember that bibs and waders are not interchangeable, and you want to get the suitable item for the right environment.

Hunting Waders

Waders are as important for duck hunting as is your firearm. You won’t shoot a thing without your shotgun, and you won’t get anywhere without a pair of duck hunting waders. Traditionally, the word “waders” referred to high waterproof boots, but today it is usually used for a waterproof garment for the legs and body. The distinctive feature of waders is that they are a one-piece item, and there are no openings for water to come through. Waders are widely used by anglers and waterfowl hunters for their unprecedented reliability and comfort. If you know for sure you are going to walk in the water (that is also called wading), don’t bother looking for even completely waterproof hunting bibs. Waterfowl hunting waders are designed specifically to keep you dry while wading, and no other piece of clothing can outperform them.

Hunting Bibs

Bibs also have their place in waterfowl hunting, but they are suitable for different situations. Hunting bibs are basically overalls made from waterproof materials that are aimed at keeping occasional water splashes at bay. They are good if you are hunting from a boat or lying in a blind but are hardly helpful in wading situations. Since bibs and boots are two separate items, there is no way you’ll make their point of contact sealed to keep water from invading your personal space. Even the best hunting bibs won’t save your legs simply because that is not what they do for a living. Bibs are great for situations that don't involve submersion of any degree.

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