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Outdoor Hobbies

Life would be so less exciting without hobbies to add colors to our weekdays. It’s great when you enjoy your work and your days are brightly colored, but it’s even greater when your free time adds more brights to the palette. Should your week seem monochrome and bland, well, outdoor hobbies are those occasional splatters of paint that can make the difference and turn a gray canvas into a piece of abstract art.

We will be honest: we don’t know how many hobbies there are. It will take more fingers than our entire team has to count them all. As far as hobbies are something that brings you joy and pleasure, a store that would boldly claim to have ‘everything for hobbies’ would need to sell all items in the world. We are more rational than that and thus offer you tools for hobbies that take place outdoors, as we are called Gritr Outdoors for a reason.

First of all, if you consider any outdoor sport to be your hobby, we have hundreds of items in other categories. Here we offer items for less active but not less exciting activities.

Underwater Photography

Photography is one of the most popular outdoor hobbies. There are plenty of places and people to take pictures of on the surface. But there are even more of those underwater. Places for sure, and people, well, who knows, maybe Atlantis is waiting for you to make the first step. The marine world is very different from ours and capturing its landscapes is a very fascinating endeavor. The conditions are not the same, of course, as it is harder for light to penetrate water than air. Underwater photography equipment can make the process easier and the photos more vibrant and high-quality. Here you can find underwater camera trays to mount lights, flashes, and other accessories on your device for better image quality.

Dash Cams

For some driving is a necessity, for others, it is a passion. It’s hard to look at how you drive from a different perspective, as you are always steering the wheel. The dash camera can fix this problem. It’s also a great tool to keep a record of your driving in case of unexpected events and emergencies. If there is only one thing you can keep your hands on while driving, let it be the steering wheel and not the camera. Dash cameras are mounted on the dashboard and thus don’t interfere with your driving.


Everything's better with music. That is a universal truth and non-negotiable. Today you can listen to music any time at any place. Phones and computers are great, but if you like the retro atmosphere and have a huge collection of CDs and DVDs, a boombox is an excellent choice. Modern boombox CD players can read CDs, catch AM/FM radio waves, and even function as a portable TV with a DVD receiver. Bring your entertainment with you to all trips and enjoy a note of nostalgia with a good-old boombox at your side.

Car speakers

Everything’s still better with music. You should always stay attentive while driving, but it may be quite boring with nothing to listen to. If you want your music or a radio host to fill the entire car’s space, the radio’s inbuilt speakers might not be enough. Car speakers allow for surround sound and deep bass to take your listening experience to a whole new level. There is nothing like a good song to accompany you on your highway drive, and speakers for cars might add this little something to make it unforgettable.

Car audio amplifiers

We won’t say it the third time, you already know this. A good car is a car with a good sound system. And the rest of the components. Car amps take the input from the audio system, enhance the input, and channel the output through your speakers. A good car amp allows you to feel every bass drop, making music and lyrics clearer and the volume higher. A must for quality sound enjoyers.

Walkie talkies

Your times of boredom are now. Over. A pair of handheld radios can make every trip seem like a secret mission, and who cares that you were supposed to outgrow this years ago. Walkie talkies will ensure your communication in areas where your cell services cannot. Copy that? Then consider taking a look through our selection of Bluetooth radios to keep in touch with those close to you emotionally but not that close physically. 

Power inverters

Your gadgets run on power and can run out of it. Today there are still places with no sockets, though we are not sure how long this will last. Being outdoors involves the risk of your gadgets turning off due to the lack of battery, and this is what you need a power inverter for. It can turn your vehicle into a big portable charging station so that you don’t need to worry about your gadgets dying somewhere in the middle of the trip. 

Gritr Outdoors offers a huge selection of goods to make your outdoor hobbies as comfortable as possible.