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Surfing Accessories

Humankind was always charmed by waters and wanted to bring that force under control. And with the help of various watercraft, devices, and tools, we succeeded. And the more things we invented, the less danger large waters presented. That’s why we came up with so many means to spend time in this seemingly hostile environment.

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable sports and leisure activities. So is wakeboarding. The reason is the feeling of liberation. When you saw a surfer for the first time, in real life or on the screen, the only thing that got your attention probably was a surfboard. Small wonder because it’s the most important piece of surfing gear. But aside from the board, you need a bunch of other surfing accessories that probably slip your attention.

Those accessories are not made just for marketing purposes. Some of them are as important as a surfboard, others will simply make surfing a more pleasant and joyful experience. So what are those surf gear and accessories?


Choosing your first surfboard can be challenging because of various surfboard shapes, lengths, and materials. There is one basic rule that will help you to make a decision: a bigger board is more stable. It means that you’ll learn how to stand up and catch waves faster with a longer board. Choose a soft surfboard because foam is very buoyant. Shorter boards are more maneuvrable and faster and will suit a more experienced surfer.

Everything mentioned above is also valid for wakeboards.


Surfboard cases will protect your gear from damage and ensure safe transportation and storage.

Surfboard fins

Those are installed on the bottom of the board. Generally, fins are classified into glassed-in, meaning they aren’t removable, and swappable. If your board has boxes where fins can be screwed in, you can change them for designs that work best for you.


A surf leash is an essential piece of surfing equipment that both the novice and expert should have. It prevents you from losing your board. As a rule, it should be the size of your board or a bit longer. Also, choose a leash with a padded ankle strap for increased comfort.


A proper wetsuit will ensure a delightful surfing time in any weather conditions. Choose a cold-water and shortie wetsuit for colder or warmer environments.

Gritr Outdoors has plenty of wakeboarding and surf training equipment, from boards to leashes and boot hardware.

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