Customer service

Customer Service is more than just a retailer of top notch outdoor gear.

At the core, we are people just like you. We love the outdoors and we love gear. We started this company with the belief that making the biggest contribution to the pursuit of the outdoors does not start or end with getting the best price on the best gear. That's a given. Our biggest commitment or value to you, our customer, is the guarantee that we will see you through your gear selection all the way from research to usage. And if in the end the gear does not perform and the experience of your sport, adventure, and passion is compromised by the gear - we will make it right.

The bullet points below will help guide you to the information you may need to have the best gear selection experience from purchase to usage.

Feel free to reach out to us through social media.  You can find us on GritrOutdoors Facebook and GritrOutdoors Instagram pages.