Ski Accessories -

Ski Accessories

While skis, poles, and apparel seem like the complete skiing bundle, there are many ski accessories that accompany outdoorsmen in their endeavors. Many pieces of equipment can improve the sliding properties of skis, make transportation and walking easier, and help you keep your skis in good condition. Gritr Outdoors has gathered a vast collection of ski accessories produced by top brands like Fischer and Tyrolia. Be it a ski wax brush, ski crampons, or ski carriers, we got you covered.

What do skins mean in skiing?  

Ski skins are strips of material that can be attached to skis to help with ascending backcountry slopes. They are attached to the skis on the ski tips and are usually removed for downhill skiing. 

What is the best ski wax?

Swix cross-country ski wax is considered to be one of the best waxes on the market. The brand produces high-quality glide and grip waxes that improve the ski’s coefficient of friction.

What is a ski vise?

A ski tuning vise is a device used for securing skis on a workbench or any other even surface like tables. They are indispensable for ski treatment and adjustment as they ensure access to all parts of the skis.