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Hunting Shorts

We know that look. “Hunting shorts, you are not kidding me, right?” Even though far from being the first choice, shorts can also be an attribute of a hunting outfit. Pants tend to occupy the role of lower body garment most of the time, but some days are so hot that you’d rather walk into the forest naked than put on a pair of pants. Some would say that if the weather is not gracious, you’d better stay at home, but that would mean 0 for hunters and 1 for life outplaying us. Some can afford to skip one weekend of hunting, but if it is a long-planned trip with your hunting buddies, the only way the sun can foil these plans is by literally exploding. Put on those hunting shorts, and don’t forget the bug spray - the hunting trail is waiting!

Seriously though, hunting shorts have dozens of other applications thanks to their impressive qualities. Since they are designed for an activity that involves physical exercise, hunting shorts often feature moisture-wicking material and antimicrobial protection (the feature that counteracts odor formation). They also tend to be packed with pockets to store all sorts of things and are often enhanced with different degrees of sun protection. All these factors suggest that hunting shorts are a perfect choice for any situation when activity or warm weather is involved. You can wear them while hiking, scouting, training, or even casually hanging out - they are as versatile as a multitool. If you are dedicated to trying out hunting in shorts, you would be pleased to know that they are available in camo-compatible patterns and colors. Camo hunting shorts make for a fine continuation of your camouflaged top, but you might want to do something with those calves shining as bright as the sun itself.  

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, we have a wide collection of men’s and women’s hunting shorts. We work together with time-tested brands that know a thing or two about hunting and thus can be relied on. You can choose from shorts produced by such brands as Sitka, 5.11 Tactical, Beretta, Vortex, and several others. 

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