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To many, shorts seem like a very simplistic piece of clothing. Indeed, what do you expect from a pair of sports shorts? We wear them when the weather’s hot, so the only thing they should do is not make our legs sweat extensively, as easy as that. However, just like any other item of clothing, shorts can be either a great help or a great hindrance to your sporting endeavors. There are also many styles and lengths to choose from, so don’t let their uncomplicated appearance deceive you. 

While quick-drying fabric and a comfortable fit are the first things that come to mind when looking for a pair of training shorts, there are other features exercisers may benefit from. An elastic waistband, if wide and dense enough, fixes the shorts on the body and prevents them from slipping during sudden moves. Should you look for training shorts with pockets, it is important for them to be zipped to prevent things from inevitably falling out during running or exercising.

Shorts material

One should treat choosing shorts material with all seriousness, for they will be in сlose contact with your skin. The majority of training shorts are made of synthetic materials. The determining characteristics of all synthetic fabrics are similar: this fabric is lightweight, fast drying, and quickly wicks moisture away from your body. There are, however, differences in the wear resistance of the material, its elasticity, and softness.

Then there is cotton, a natural fiber. It might be a good choice for sports that won’t make you sweat, but it's not generally recommended. Cotton absorbs and retains moisture, so such shorts dry very slowly. The mix of the two is also an option. All shorts featured on this page are made either from polyester or the bland of polyester and cotton. Such a composition of the fabric is the most optimal for physical activity. 

Shorts length

Men’s and women’s sports shorts are available in several lengths. Which one to choose is a matter of personal preference and habit. The shortest ones are 2" while the longest model is 9" long. Shorter shorts are usually preferred by women. Such shorts offer maximum freedom of movement and ventilation. Medium models are more versatile and suitable for workouts in any condition. Shorts of this length, when chosen to fit the figure, do not restrict movement either. Long shorts cover more of your skiing and are usually more likely to have zipped pockets. They are suitable for workouts, fitness, and everyday wear.

Gritr Outdoors has a wide selection of training shorts for both men and women. Whether you are going to do extreme sports or looking for a reliable pair for everyday wear, shorts by Vortex, Leatt, Gillz, and Fila got you covered. 

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