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Sport Socks

If you are keen on sports and prefer an active lifestyle, you will take a closer look at sports socks. At first glance, these are insignificant items, but in fact, socks provide comfort and safety during active workouts and protect the feet from chafing.

The material of sports socks must contain synthetic fibers. These elastic materials prevent the formation of wrinkles, which can lead to foot injuries such as calluses and chafing. Almost all sports socks are designed with a special elastic band that tightly wraps around the leg and prevents the sock from slipping. The elastic band is made wide and soft enough so that it does not interfere with blood circulation in the foot. 

The seam near the fingers is always small, thin, and flat so as not to rub the fingers. This is an important point when doing active sports such as tennis, shuttle running, football, where you need to break sharply with your feet. 

Sport compression socks are designed to improve blood circulation in the ankle and lower leg, reducing fatigue. Beginners and professional athletes can use them as they help quickly recover after long and hard workouts. 

Types of sports socks 

All sports socks are divided into kids, men's, and women's. Kids sports socks usually are made of materials of bright colors, decorated with drawings and patterns. 

Also, socks are divided into types of activity: 

  • for hiking 
  • for running 
  • for skiing 
  • for soccer 

All of the above models have their own characteristics. For example, socks for hiking have a dense elastic band that securely fixes the sock on the leg, and the sock is equipped with special reinforced inserts in the front and back. Such accessories should protect not only the foot but also the lower leg. The high sock retains heat, protects against minor injuries, insect bites, and tick attacks. Socks for runners should not only provide good thermoregulation of the feet but also provide maximum protection and comfort for the athlete.

Do not underestimate the importance of sports socks, because not only sporting success but also your health and comfort depend on them.