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Fly Rods

Anglers will never argue that fly fishing rods are the most important piece of equipment. The fisherman constantly has to move and cast the bait in the most promising places. Therefore, the fly rod must be suitable for both the preference of the fly angler and the conditions in which the fishing will be carried out.

The materials for the manufacture of fly fishing rods are:

  • Bamboo. The distinctive features of the material are high elasticity and price. Bamboo after specific processing, acquires an ideal conical shape. Fishing with such a rod is a pleasure.
  • Fiberglass. It is the cheapest material. At the same time, individual manufacturers produce high-quality and practical rods at affordable prices for every fisherman. The best fly rods for the money.
  • Carbon fiber. It is the most common material for making fishing rods, which possesses excellent dynamic characteristics. Carbon fiber rods are lightweight and practical to use while fishing.

Which Fly Rod Action is Best for You?

The action of a fly rod is a very important characteristic that determines its performance during casting, hooking, and playing fish. Actions are divided into four types: 

  • Fast action. Such rods bend at their top under load. They are most convenient for making long-distance and accurate bait casts. Such rods are chosen by already experienced anglers, who have good technique. They’re suitable for windy conditions.
  • Moderate-fast action. Bending under load occurs in the upper third of the length. This action demands tough and fast work from the angler. Such rods are designed for heavy lures. They also have a good performance in the wind.
  • Moderate action. These rods bend in the upper half. They are considered the most versatile because they can adapt to almost all lures and fishing conditions. Such rods are flexible, and at the same time offer a good degree of stiffness.
  • Slow action. These rods work their entire length, bending from the handle to the tip. It is most rational to use them in calm weather, on small rivers and streams. It’s not suitable for angling in winter conditions. Such rods are designed for anglers who make short accurate casts and smooth movements. 

Fishermen usually prefer rods of moderate or moderate-fast action, which are considered the most practical and versatile. GRITR Outdoors offers a wide range of fly rods for sale.

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