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Snowboard Goggles

We can’t stress enough how important it is to wear eye protection when participating in snowboarding. Wind, snow, and bright sunlight can considerably reduce your vision, and continuous exposure to UV rays and cold wind can result in eye pain and medical conditions, not to mention that by not wearing snow goggles, you risk physically harming your eye area. So stop searching for snowboard goggles near me - GRITR Outdoors provides an array of the best snowboard goggles and lenses from top-tier brands, including Scott, Head, and Dragon. Multisport athletes are welcome to explore our ski goggles selection.

What are the best snowboarding goggles?

Here are a few compounds of the best-performing snowboard goggles: spherical lenses for better peripheral vision and less glare and fogging, the right VLT for given weather conditions, interchangeable lens design for adaptability, anti-fogging coating, and UV protection.

What color snowboard goggles do I need?

Lens color goes along with visual light transmission (VLT). The lower the VLT, the less light reaches your eyes and the darker the lens is. Typically, red, yellow, and orange tints are used in goggles for lower-light conditions, while blue, green, and amber are better suited for bright light.

How to keep my snowboarding goggles from fogging up?

First off, pick anti-fog snowboard goggles. When riding, try to minimize the temperature difference between the inside of the goggles and the outside environment. Manage body and face heat through ventilation, keep goggle vents open, and don’t allow snow in.