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Fly Fishing

It’s not uncommon for someone vaguely acquainted with fishing to think this activity lacks grace. Indeed, while regular casting’s visual appeal is questionable and usually only understood by anglers themselves, there is one style of fishing that could compete with rhythmic gymnastics. Fly fishing proves that even seemingly clunky activities like casting and reeling are not devoid of finesse and refinement. Once you see someone drawing invisible landscapes with nothing but a fly fishing line, you’ll never call fishing a graceless activity ever again. Those performances are possible thanks to dedicated fly fishing gear. If you want to try your hand at this mesmerizing activity, here you can find everything you need.

We have three other subcategories dedicated to fly fishing but this one comprises everything from rods and lures to fly fishing clothing. If you don’t want fly fishing waders interfering in the process of your choosing a fishing line, you can proceed to those dedicated pages. Here, however, you can see everything a fly angler might make use of.  

Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly fishing is both an off-shore and in-water style of fishing, meaning you might need waterproof gear to experience every side of fly fishing. We have a wide selection of fly fishing clothing produced by industry leaders like Striker Ice and Gator Waders. Waders for fly fishing are not that different from waders for other types, but they are handy, and that’s why we’ve placed them here. The same goes for fly fishing boots. In most cases, they are your common waterproof rubber boots with non-slip soles, produced by fishing boot majors like Xtratuf. Any fly fishing vest or hat you might need can also be found on this page.  

Fly Fishing Accessories

There are elements essential to fly fishing: artificial flies and weighted lines. Fly fishing lures are much lighter than regular ones, thus allowing for specific fly-casting techniques to be utilized. Nomad Design and Scientific Anglers offer respective items of unparalleled quality. 

Gritr Outdoors is your dedicated supplier of gear for fly fishing for beginners and seasoned anglers alike. We work for everyone who appreciates the beauty of fly fishing or simply wants to try something new.