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Types of Fishing

Each type of fishing has unique characteristics that define what gear you’ll need in general and what properties the tackle, clothing, and footwear should have to deliver the best performance. Let’s briefly discuss them.

Learning About Fishing Types

This freshwater fishing is the most common around the world. It encompasses an array of fishing methods and implies the widest variety of tackle. In the U.S., bass, catfish, and crappie are the most sought-after freshwater species.

Saltwater fishing includes trolling, deep-sea, surf, flats, and bay fishing. Since salt accelerates corrosion and wear, especially under the sunlight, you’ll need gear that resists it. Generally, all types of fishing rods and reels intended for saltwater application feature corrosion-resistant parts, like aluminum spools in reels and advanced ceramic ring guides on rods). For inshore red drum fishing, you need a long rod that casts far, while to fight a blue marlin, you’ll need a short rod. As for clothing, you’ll need garments with UV protection and a hat.

Winter brings new opportunities to those living in the northern regions. Ice fishing requires a special ice rod, insulated, windproof, waterproof jacket and bibs, and waterproof boots with superior-traction outsole.

Fly fishing can be freshwater (around creeks and rivers) and saltwater (fishing from a boat in flats), but it’s a whole different type of fishing that requires some unique gear. This gear is used only in this sport, such as artificial flies, thick, weighted line, a reel used only to store the line, and a specialized rod. Freshwater anglers need waders.

Different Fishing Techniques

Do you know that using a rod and reel to catch a fish is only one method of fishing? It’s called angling, and it’s the most popular style of fishing. Other methods include hand-gathering, spearfishing, netting, bow fishing, and many more.

There are five basic methods of angling: trolling, spinfishing (light tackle), baitcasting (heavy tackle), bottom fishing (or jigging), and fishing with artificial flies.

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