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Hunting Jackets & Vests

Statistically, a jacket is the first thing that catches somebody’s eye because it covers a major part of your body. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of a fitting hunting jacket as it has loads of functions to fulfill: keep you warm and protected from the wind and prevent occasional scratches, all while not restricting your movements or putting you through the discomfort. An insulated waterproof hunting jacket is a must-have piece of clothing on every colder-season hunting trip, but finding a good one may take more time than you initially anticipated. Time is more valuable than money since you can’t get any more of it, so we decided to save both of these resources of yours and gather all the best hunting jackets for men and women in one place.

Camouflage Hunting Jacket

Camouflage patterns are one of the distinguishing elements of hunting apparel. They help you blend in with the environment and hide you from animal sight, at least try to. However, different animals perceive the world differently, and each environment calls for a camo pattern of its own. Thus, you won’t find an omni-fitting hunting camo jacket: duck hunting jackets will have different patterns than deer or turkey ones.

The possible materials vary as well. If you prioritize functionality, there is a wide choice of jackets from synthetic materials. In case you prefer everything organic, we have wool hunting jackets that are in no way inferior to their synthetic siblings.

If deer hunting is your passion and you are a law-abiding citizen caring about your own safety, be sure to check out our blaze orange hunting jacket selection. They will make you more visible to humans without making you more conspicuous to animals.  

Hunting Vests

For all sleeve-haters out there, we present our hunting vest selection. Just as with jackets, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Be it an upland hunting vest for turkeys and pheasants, a waterfowl vest for ducks and mallards, or a blaze orange hunting vest for humans (to see, not shoot). 

We collaborate with the industry leaders to bring you top-notch products. If you are more or less acquainted with a hunting apparel market, you will definitely see some familiar faces. We have many user-appreciated Sitka and Drake hunting jackets, Beretta and Rivers West hunting vests, and whatnot, the choice is very varied.