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Target acquisition is a vital part of the art of shooting. Unless you are a clone from Star Wars, then this thing is destined to stay a big mystery for you. We assume, though, that all other shooters have an actual goal of hitting the target and thus offer a tool to assist you in this arduous task.

A sight is an aiming device used for visually aligning weapons with the target. Unlike their scopes colleagues, sights don’t have any magnifying capabilities. It’s worth mentioning, though, that magnification is not always needed, a scope won’t do you any good if your target is too close. That’s why it is always important to know what you’ll be dealing with in advance.

Basic sights consist of two parts: front and rear aiming pieces that need to be lined up. Many types of weapons have such sights built-in, either in fixed or adjustable variation. Those are the most primitive ones, however, as technological advancements contributed to the introduction of the new types of rifle sights. 

Iron Sights

Those are the good old basic sights that come built-in with some weapons. The first iron gun sights were deprived of any kind of adjustment, making the process of target acquisition more complex and challenging. Today they offer a greater degree of flexibility, allowing you to adjust either the front sight for elevation or the rear sight for windage. The moving parts are naturally more fragile than a solid piece of metal, so it’s functionality over durability. Separate iron sights, though, combine the best features from both variants: sturdiness of the fixed sights and versatility of the adjustable ones.

Red Dot Sights

Red dot sight is a so-called ‘umbrella term’, any sight that utilizes a manufactured image as an aiming focus might fall into this category. The color and the shape of the reticle are also irrelevant. The principle of its work is fairly simple: a light-emitting diode transmits a beam to the optic front glass. The smaller the dot is, the more precise your shot will be. This is a great option for those looking for a basic sight at an affordable price. 

Reflex Sights

Reflex sights are the only type that can be called optical, as they utilize a lense or an image-forming curved mirror. Their main advantage is that the point of aim will not move as you change your eye’s position, sparing the user from the parallax effect and other sighting errors. The reticle, projected onto the lens, can come in different shapes, quite often in the form of the same red dot. Such reticles are power efficient and thus can serve longer than other types of red dot sights. 

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