Duck Hunting Gear -

Duck Hunting Gear

Duck hunting requires a lot of gear, which frustrates many beginner hunters who have no experienced acquaintances to ask for help. However, don’t let that feeling overwhelm you. The internet is full of good people explaining gear essentials, guides that help you make a list of the necessary items, videos with demonstrations, and top lists of the best duck hunting gear available. All you need is a little more persistence, a desire to learn, and acceptance of failures because those who never climbed never fell. Besides, the best lesson comes from a mistake.

If you’ve googled “duck hunting gear near me” and got here, we’ll be nice and provide you with guidance on clothing and equipment we carry.

Duck Decoys and Calls

Many bird species are gregarious, which means they love to flock and live in a group. Ducks are no exception. As long as they see other ducks sailing through the water of a wetland, they instinctively want to join them. If you spread decoys around your spot, your odds of successful harvesting greatly increase.

If the money is an issue, six or twelve decoys is a sufficient amount to start. Choose decoys with realistic dimensions and colors because birds have excellent eyesight and are great with colors. Get anchor weights to keep your decoys in place and lines for rigging.

Also, you need a duck call to attract ducks feeding somewhere beyond the range. Most handheld duck calls are single-reed and double-reed designs. Single-reed calls are the easiest to use and boast better versatility when mastered. Double-reed calls require harder blows but can sound realistic even in the hands of a beginner. Consider Primos and Haydel's duck calls.

Duck Hunting Clothing

The most important garment for duck hunting is waders because the water is tall in most duck places, and rubber boots and regular hunting pants won't work. For shallow waters, choose hip waders. However, chest waders will provide extra protection and keep you warmer. When choosing between waders made with breathable material or neoprene waders, know that the former are lighter and thinner and the latter are warmer and thicker.

Choose other garments like waterfowl jackets, masks, hats, and gloves based on the terrain and season. We carry duck hunting camo from such reputable brands as Sitka, Drake, Banded, Beretta, and others.

Duck Hunting Blinds and Blind Bags

Hunting in an open field with low vegetation requires a blind. Layout blinds are low-profile and, thus, easier to mask. A-frame blinds are used in terrains with bushes and allow you to stand up to make a shot.

Other Waterfowl Hunting Clothing and Gear

At Gritr Outdoors, you can also shop for camo rifle cases, wading boots, duck hunting gear for dogs, and other clothing, footwear, equipment, and accessories needed for harvesting ducks.