Scope Killflash -


Imagine a situation. You are aiming at a deer. You are looking right at its muzzle. And for some reason, it’s looking back at you. You spend a second confused, but regain control over yourself only to see that the deer is already gone. A string of words, some of which are probably obscene, is dancing in your mind. How did it manage to spot you? It might be hurtful to hear, but you might have been exposed by your own scope.

The thing is that a scope, being a standard optical device, has a lens as the main component. Lenses tend to reflect the light, this is the way they work. When you look at it from the right angle, a scope emits a flash or a shininess that might be seen by those standing in front of it even at great distances. No matter how concealed you are, if your prey catches the glimpse of that light - you are busted. That might be less of a problem on cloudy days, but hunting only when it’s gloomy doesn’t sound too appealing, right? For that purpose, we present to you one and only - killflash.

Scope Killflashes

The killflash ARD (anti-reflective device) is a dark-colored honeycomb-patterned filter that is worn over your scope’s objective lens. As it comes from the previous description, its main purpose is to cut down on glare and obscure the obvious flash that can be seen from the scope. In addition to that, the scope killflash protects your lens from abrasion, dirt, and scratches that can impair your vision.

There is an obvious drawback, though. As with every other thing in front of the lens, scope anti-reflection devices can somewhat obscure your vision, as the pattern is fairly noticeable and can interfere with your precision when shooting at long distances. They also affect your scope’s light intake capability, making the image less bright.

The size of the killflash should perfectly match the size of the scope lens, it won't hold otherwise. Gritr Outdoors has a variety of sizes to match the majority of the lenses: 32mm, 36 mm, 40 mm, and 43mm killfalshes by top brands such as

Nikon is well-acquainted with lenses, being one of the top camera producers in the entire world. No wonder they make collateral products for both cameras and scopes. With a Nikon killflash, you can say goodbye to compromising your position, no sunray will ever get through their ARD.

Burris has been producing hunting optics since 1971 and has managed to maintain a high standard throughout all these years. Burris killflash provides great concealment to prevent any detection.

Leupold & Stevens can boast more than a hundred years of expertise, which is an eloquent proof of their reliability. Leupold killflash will reduce lens glare with as little sight obscuring as possible, keeping your position unknown until it is too late.