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Spinning Rods

The choice of the right rod is the half of success in fishing. A good rod will last a long time and will help to achieve results. On the contrary, a rod that is not suitable for specific fishing conditions can disappoint its owner.

What is a spinning rod? It is a rod with a reel. For many years, fishermen have used spinning rods made of bamboo, metal, and fiberglass. These rods were heavy, weak, and short-lived. The real revolution took place when carbon fiber spinning rods appeared. This material allows manufacturers to create fishing rods that are very durable and ultra-light. 

How to choose the right spinning rod?

The first and obligatory characteristic is the line rating. It indicates the average breaking strength of a line. The first number shows what is the minimum weight of the bait, the second number shows what is the maximum weight of the bait. You should decide the type of fish and bait you will be fishing with in order to keep the average line rating. Based on these limits, you can get the power of a spinning rod.

There are three main types of power: light, medium, and heavy. For some anglers the main types are not suitable, that’s why we have intermediate options such as medium-light and medium-heavy. 

Choosing spinning rods, you must also take into account both the region and the types of angling. For example, northern and eastern regions require rods with increased strength, reliability and they are designed mainly for large and strong fish.

The length of the spinning fishing rod depends on the conditions in which the angling will take place. A two-meter spinning rod is suitable for fishing from a boat or from bushes. Conversely, a four-meter long rod is useful for sea fishing when you need to make long, heavy casts.

Spinning rings are an important detail that can extend the life of the fishing line. Modern requirements for rings are maximum hardness, smoothness, lightness, and resistance to damage.

The choice of the right spinning rod is yours. We offer the best spinning rods that will make fishing a real pleasure.