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Home Security Systems

Your home is your fortress. And fortresses usually have high walls, ditches, and drawbridges. With the modern cities’ landscape having these essential attributes might be problematic, while the need to protect your house remains. Home is where you feel safe and comfortable. Making it so is solely in your hands.

If you are not ready to install a “Home Alone” anti-theft obstacle course every time you leave, you might want to consider getting some kind of a home security device. The best way to prevent a home invasion is to make the invader-to-be think that your house is not the one they want to break into. Placing formidable gargoyle statues on your fence posts or making the perimeter fence electrified might do the trick, but think about those innocent passers-by who had no intentions of bringing you any harm. Gargoyles are cool, though. But security systems are safer and more reliable.

First things first, what is a home security system? Is it a camera, or an alarm, or a motion sensor? The security system comprises many pieces of equipment that work together to detect and report any unwanted intrusion. Security equipment includes:

  • Entryway sensors. These will sound the alarm when a door or a window is opened. They work on a magnetic field technology that captures the changes in the magnetic field when the object is interacted with.
  • Motion sensors. They will sound the alarm when motion is detected inside the house. Such sensors emit an invisible laser that reacts to movement and can also sense the body heat (to prevent triggering from flies, for example).
  • Security cameras, usually mounted both inside and outside the house to record everything that is going on. Modern home security cameras can record continuously or begin recording when motion sensors are activated. They will notify you if your pizza is delivered or a group of thugs is forcing a battering ram into your front door. You’ll probably hear them anyway, but the camera will record this significant event.
  • Video doorbells. Being an alternative to old-fashioned ones, they will record everyone who is ringing. Many video doorbells also allow you to talk to your visitors. There are also front door security cameras that replace your peephole and give you a bigger and sharper picture of those standing on your porch.

It is by no means a complete list. Advanced security systems also include floodlights that will fill your near-house area with bright light when intruders come, glass-breaking sensors to notify any forced entry, smoke detectors to determine a potential fire, and many more items. We can’t offer you a complete home alarm system, but we have goods that can be a part of it.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find different kinds of security cameras fit for the front door, outside mounting, or personal wear (body cameras). We also have autonomous window alarms and door alarms that will notify you of the intrusion even without a connection to a central control system. If you are looking for a way to protect yourself, we have personal safety kits.

Keep your home safe and sound with Gritr Outdoors.