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Who are the folks at In what sometimes feels like a faceless world of internet commerce, we want to share our story. is your gear guide for life. We see excellent gear as one of the key components to a great experience in each and every outdoor pursuit. So whether you are a hunter, a fisherman, a backpacker or even an adventure racer - our goal is to provide you with information and access to gear choices that will take the mystery out of gear selection.

We do not want to be just a retailer of gear. We also want to be a resource of information and knowledge. In that effort, we are partnering up with industry influencers, enthusiasts, and our customers to build a complete knowledge base. We are then publishing information about new and existing gear, product reviews, how-to guides and other resources on our blog and social media. Contact us to be part of our Partner Team if you are interested in contributing to this effort.



GRIT is defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as: “firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.”

We all face challenges in life. We are told – we are not talented enough, smart enough, strong enough, good looking enough, “fill the blank” enough. But despite obstacles (these or others) – we carry on the journey of life.
Grit is what separates the ones that will keep going from the ones that will throw in the towel and quit when faced life’s challenges. Grit is what you need when talent is simply not enough.

So what is GRITR? It’s GRIT to the power of R (Resilience, Resourcefulness, Resolve). We are GRIT-R THAN GRIT.


Our Mission & Values

We are more than a company. At the core of our community are the following principles:

  1. Deliver an unforgettable experience to our customers from purchase to usage.
  2. Live out the passions we have for shooting sports and the outdoors and share these experiences with those we love.
  3. Change the lives of the people around us for the better by creating opportunities in their communities.

If any of this strikes a chord with you, you came to the right place.
While there are plenty of outdoor retailers in the world, and especially on the web - we feel that we are building something special and unique. We invite you, our customers, to join us in the effort of building a better world through our pursuits of outdoor passions.

mikhail-orlov.pngMikhail Orlov, CEO

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