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Casual Headwear

Casual headwear was originally created for protection from wind, heat, and sunlight. Nowadays, hats have become an essential accessory and they are able to create and emphasize your unique style.

Casual Baseball Caps

Even though baseball caps are a foundation of a sport style, they are perfect for everyday casual outfits. Casual caps with a minimalistic design will go well with shorts, jeans, and T-shirts. The unisex style of caps allows both women and men to wear such headwear.

A baseball cap is not only a fashionable accessory, it can protect your face and hair from the sun rays. You should pay attention to the material from which the baseball cap is made of. It should be natural linen or cotton fabric that wicks moisture well.

Casual Hats

Headwear is necessary for keeping you warm in cold seasons. Hats are usually made of:

  • Natural yarn. Alpaca, mohair, and sheep wool do not cause allergies, are pleasant to the touch and very warm. Natural fiber does not fade even with intensive usage. Sometimes synthetic fiber is added to natural yarn for durability.
  • Acrylic. This material retains heat well and at the same time serves for several seasons. Acrylic does not fade and keeps its structure after many washes.
  • Polyamide. It is a lightweight and durable artificial material. Polyamide usually is used with warm natural fiber.
  • Natural fur. This material warms well, does not cause allergies, and allows the skin to breathe. A fur hat is considered to be the warmest.
  • Artificial fur. It does not warm as well as a natural one, but at the same time, it retains its shape well. 
  • Felt. It's a comfortable material, which is suitable for the demi-season. Felt holds its shape well which is suitable for casual hats for ladies.

Nowadays, a casual beanie has gained popularity among young people. The beanie is a small round headwear which fits snugly to the head. Such mens casual hats are usually made of wool or felt material. With this model, you have no chance to catch a cold, even in frosty winter. 

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