Hunting Socks - Heated socks for Hunting -

Hunting Socks

Socks are one of the most important items you can wear while hunting. The majority of people prefer wearing a pair of wool socks. Hunting is tough on feet, so a pair of high-tech socks is your key to keep feet dry and warm.

  • We have a wide variety of socks separated by the type of activity:
  • Casual. The main feature of these socks is a casual style with base colors and stripes. 
  • Hunting. These models are suitable for any season, any hunt. The selection of socks we have for hunting will surprise you.
  • Tactical. Socks have reinforced zones to provide enhanced shock absorption, rebound, and momentum control. Moisture-wicking fibers keep your feet dry, while extra padding at the sole adds a layer of comfort. 

Heated Hunting Socks

Special technology provides permanent heating. Heated socks prevent feet from undercooling. Such models are very important for hunting in cold weather. Wool makes ideal socks.

Their biggest advantage of wool hunting socks is that they have temperature regulation, so your feet stay comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. Wool can soak up about 30% of water, which helps feet stay dry in any condition.

Hunting socks are important because they manage moisture and keep a layer of warm air near your legs. Choose wool to keep your skin dry so you stay warm and comfortable. Wool can have a cozier feel than a piece of synthetic fabric.

Waterproof socks are great for hunting in rainy weather when keeping your feet dry is a real necessity. Moreover, they provide warmth in cold seasons.

3 reasons to buy hunting socks right now:

1. Unrivaled durability. High-density knitting and quality fabrics guarantee socks for life.

2. Fit to hunt. Hunting socks, unlike casual socks, reduce foot fatigue.

3. Stay dry, keep warm. The wool fabric keeps moisture, breathes, and holds warmth. Ideal for long hunting.

To get the right size of socks, you need to measure the length of the foot and compare it with a manufacturer-specific size chart.