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Moving is living, or at least somebody said so. We fully support this idea and encourage you to take up sports. We are Gritr Outdoors after all, and thus are all for sport. Moreover, we are particularly passionate about outdoor sport. 

Going to the gym is equally valuable, of course. Few people have an opportunity to do outdoor sports daily (those few lucky ones). And when your long-planned mountaineering trip is finally here, you may discover that you were not particularly ready for it physically. That’s why it is important to exercise regularly. But once you ride down a snowy hillside. Or sail an icy lake on your skates. Or cycle the meandering hairpins observing the world around you slowly falling asleep. Or paddle along the river bank on your raft watching the would want to do this again and again. 

It’s not all about escaping to forests and mountains though. Outdoor sports include a variety of kinds that can be done in a city as well. The thing is that more often than not you need sports gear for the fullest and most comfortable experience. But fear not, this is why we are here. Or, more accurately, you are here. Whether you have always wanted to get your own throw glove to take up baseball, are looking for a comfortable pair of running shoes for morning jogs, or need a new tire for your bicycle to ride to work, you can find it all right here, on Gritr Outdoors.

We are your dedicated supplier of sport equipment of all kinds. If you need something even slightly related to sports, we are very likely to have it.

Mountaineers will find a vast collection of warming underwear, as well as winter pants, shirts, jackets, vests, and gloves, accompanied by climbing ropes that will never let you go. Ski lovers have a varied choice of poles, skis, snow helmets, and ski boots. If snowboarding is your passion, we have snowboards, snowboard boots, and bindings to meet your needs.

Cyclists may choose from dozens of tires, fender sets, pedals, bike helmets, knee and elbow guards, cycling gloves, and saddles.

If you are involved in watersports, we have chillproof vests, shirts, and pants, diving masks, fins, paddle folders, as well as water skis and wakeboards.

For those who run either towards life or from it, we can offer running shoes, socks, pants, race vests, handheld water bottles, and waist packs. 

Why bother going to conventional sport gear stores if you can buy everything online? Gritr Outdoors is happy to provide you with all gear for sports that you may need. 

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