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Hunting & Fishing Footwear

Few activities are as demanding of footwear as hunting and fishing. Rigorous terrain of various hunting grounds and treacherous bottoms of backwater and flooded timber call for nothing less than ultimate robustness. Skimping on a pair of outdoor boots is like closing your eyes for another five minutes - an idea bound to backfire. Any twig, or rock, or scrap of metal that mysteriously found its way to the middle of the forest can hinder your enjoyable pastime most unpleasantly. A pair of reliable outdoor shoes or boots ensure you’ll never have to hobble your way home with your gait impaired. Gritr Outdoors cannot rid forests, river banks, and wherever you are planning to hunt or fish from those tiny-but-big obstacles. What we can do is equip you with something that will help you overcome them should they ever stand in your way. Here’s our collection of outdoor footwear.

Outdoor Shoes

Shoes might seem to be hardly appropriate for such occasions as outdoor runaways. There are many reasons to think that way, but they are mostly misconceptions. Outdoor shoes for men and women look quite different from their casual relatives. They are built to be more durable and hardier while preserving their unencumbering form. We should also keep in mind the variety of places and styles of outdoor activities. You probably wouldn’t take on a pair of slip-on outdoor shoes getting ready for hunting, but that might be the case for fishing. If you prefer to fish from a bank and have no plans of going in, shoes might be just what you need. There are plenty of outdoor shoes brands that take into account the needs of outdoorsmen and fit solutions in light shoe forms. We have a vast selection of women’s and men’s outdoor shoes from such industry experts as Muck Boot Company and Viktos

Outdoor Boots

The first and most universal choice for outdoor endeavors, the outdoor boots. While we found it necessary to protect the relevance of shoes for outdoor adventures, boots need no advocacy. Men’s and women’s outdoor boots have been protecting the feet and legs of outdoor enthusiasts for many a year and will continue to do so until there are outdoors to explore. Outdoor boots brands like Xtratuf and Dryshod know exactly what an outdoorsman needs from their footwear and turn this idea into practical solutions.

We called ourselves Gritr Outdoors and thus are bound to have a rich collection of outdoor boots and shoes. To live up to our name, we’ve gathered hundreds of pairs of outdoor boots for you to choose from. Be it slip-on outdoor shoes or waterproof outdoor boots, we have something that will pique your interest. 

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