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Riding Footwear

Equestrian boots are the key to safe and comfortable horseback riding and the core of your equestrian gear. Along with riding helmets and riding clothing, GRITR Outdoors offers a vast array of horse boots for every task and level of protection. We understand that choosing your first equestrian boots can be overwhelming, considering the number of horseback riding disciplines and the criteria you need to meet. So let’s see what boot designs are and what they are good for.

Types of Horse Riding Boots

Basically, there are boots for western riding (cowboy boots) and English riding (paddock boots and tall boots).

Western riding boots come in various heel heights, toe designs, and top lengths but are still higher than paddock boots. Historically, western riders wore boots built around riding for several days. Modern manufacturers continue this tradition, making boots from smooth cowhide. However, boots made from suede are also popular. More expensive styling models are made from alligator or snakeskin. Casual western riders often opt for mid-calf options, while show riders choose high-heel, square-toe, high-top boots.

English riding, especially jumping and dressage, involves a lot of communication between a rider’s lower part and a horse’s sides. For this reason, English riding boots for casual riding are short, covering only the ankle, and come either in zip-up or lace-up versions. For Saddle seat style riding, paddock boots are required. On the other hand, English tall boots for women and men suit riding events and shows.

How to Choose Men’s & Women’s Riding Boots

After you’ve made up your mind about the type, you need to pick boots according to the following:

  • Your riding footwear should fit as snugly as possible without hurting your feet. Fitting close to the skin will allow you to feel your horse’s sides and signal properly.
  • Try on a new boot wearing your riding socks for guaranteed comfort.
  • Initially, a certain level of discomfort is expected because boots need time to break in.
  • Today, zip-up tall riding boots are more common than traditional pull-on boots.

At GRITR Outdoors, you’ll find leather riding boots for women and men in various designs and colors. Also, check out our selection of horse training aids.

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