Hunting Gloves & Mittens -

Hunting Gloves & Mittens

All body parts are important and all body parts deserve to be treated with care. Hunters especially need their hands protected at all times or at least during their hunting trips. Having a dedicated pair of hunting gloves may prove to be more beneficial than you expect, as regular gloves can’t keep up with them on their grounds. Aside from keeping your hands warm during colder months, hunting gloves can also ensure improved grip, flexibility and durability needed when using firearms, bows or other hunting equipment.

Hunting Gloves Peculiarities

What sets hunting gloves apart from regular gloves is their specific design features. Hunting gloves are typically made with specialized materials that provide improved sensitivity and flexibility, allowing you to keep a better grip on your equipment and making your movements more precise. They are also designed to be quiet, to avoid alerting the game to your presence. Additionally, hunting gloves often feature camo patterns or earthy tones to sustain your disguise provided by the hunting outfit.

Various Types of Hunting Gloves

When it comes to choosing hunting gloves, there are various types to consider, depending on the weather and the purpose. For example, if you plan on hunting in colder temperatures, heated hunting gloves are ideal for keeping your hands warm and cozy. Meanwhile, waterproof hunting gloves will keep your hands dry when hunting in damp conditions. Fingerless hunting gloves provide greater dexterity with the fingers exposed but still offer some protection.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find a wide variety of hunting gloves for numerous hunting scenarios and environments. On this page, you can find products produced by brands known for their profound knowledge of hunting apparel: Sitka, Banded, Vitkos, Drake and others. 


What gloves to wear for hunting?

The type of gloves you need to wear depends majorly on the type of hunting you are pursuing. If you hunt during warmer times of the year, leather gloves without added insulation should come in very handy. For colder times, opt for gloves with insulation.

Are leather gloves good for hunting?

Leather makes for a great glove material. Such gloves mold quickly to hands, are moderately warm, and don’t interfere with firearm handling. However, they require proper maintenance and might be more expensive.

What special materials are used in hunting gloves?

There are several materials that are primarily used for hunting gloves. GORE-TEX and polyester rank among the most specialized materials due to their practical qualities.

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