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If you think that jackets, pants, and boots are everything that constitutes a complete hunting outfit, we want to remind you of one often overlooked element. Under the windproof exterior of a jacket, there is always a hunting shirt or a t-shirt. They are the closest thing to your body and thus should be chosen as carefully as any other piece of hunting clothing. To save you time and effort, we’ve gathered all the best hunting shirts for men and women in one place. 

Since shirts are the primary choice for a base layer, it is crucial to choose one made from fitting materials. A poorly chosen shirt may turn you into a walking sauna and impede your mobility, and neither of those things is something hunters strive for. Merino wool hunting shirts are breathable and light. They wick away moisture when you are on the move and retain heat when you are static. 

Depending on the weather and the number of additional layers, you might want to have your sleeves either extended or shortened. We have a wide choice of both hunting t-shirts and long-sleeve hunting shirts. They all come in many designs, with some featuring camo patterns, others being checked or solid colored with the parent brand’s logo smiling at you from the chest area. 

The greatest thing about hunting shirts and t-shirts is their versatility. Sure thing, they make for excellent base layers and everything, but they can also be a stylish element of your casual outfit. While camo hunting shirts’ use is somewhat more restricted (nobody stops you from wearing them whenever you want, though), brand shirts may become a part of your everyday wardrobe. This way, you can both save money and show everyone one of your affiliations. Gritr Outdoors offers a wide variety of brand signature shirts for you to boast with in front of your fellow hunters. We have Sitka, Vortex, and Drake shirts as well as shirts carrying logos of other famous brands like Leupold and Beretta

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