Winter Sports Bags & Cases -

Winter Sports Bags & Cases

As you’ve noticed, winter sports equipment is bulky. That’s why a reliable ski/snowboard bag should be the core of your gear system because it’s the key to comfortable and safe traveling. At GRITR Outdoors, you’ll find a variety of heavy-duty ski gear bags, pole cases, regular snowboard travel bags, ski/snowboard bags with wheels, and ski/snowboard boot bags for cumberless transportation of your skis, poles, snowboards, skiing or snowboarding boots, clothes, and accessories.

Do I need a padded ski bag?

Though a padded ski travel bag offers superior protection, it isn’t a must-have. The thing is that padding adds weight and bulk, so if you travel by car and have few to no concerns about harming your skis, opt for a partially padded or no-padding ski bag. However, if you’re looking for a ski bag for flying, give preference to full padding.

How to buy the right ski bag?

First, you need to choose the size based on the length of the largest set of skis. If you have to choose between too big and too small, opt for too big. With the extra space, your skis/boards will be less prone to damage, and you’ll be able to pack more gear inside. Check whether the bag in question has all the necessary straps, handles, compression straps, and pockets. 

Do I need a ski boot bag?

Ski boots are pretty bulky equipment, so yes, a ski boot bag/backpack will be a great addition to your ski gear system. When choosing one, check the capacity and weight of the bag in question (60 liters and 2-3 pounds are considered standard). Some nice-to-have features include boot heaters and waterproofing.