Winter Sports Jackets -

Winter Sports Jackets

Winter sports jacket is your first line of defense against harsh winter weather. It covers the biggest percentage of your body and thus should be chosen with appropriate attention. Winter jackets for sport are different from regular jackets and coats since they are designed for active users. On this page, Gritr Outdoors has gathered high-quality ski jackets and snowboarding jackets produced by industry experts such as Swix, SCOTT, and DC

Should ski jackets be tight or loose?

Be it a women’s ski jacket or a men’s ski jacket, it should sit snug enough to keep you properly insulated but not too tight to make you feel encumbered by the layers underneath it. 

Are soft shell jackets good for snowboarding?

Soft shell jackets are among the top choice for alpine skiing, which makes them equally viable for snowboarding purposes. They are great for chilly, but non-extreme weather. 

Are puffer jackets good for winter?

Puffer jackets are known to be generally warmer than ski jackets, which makes them solid candidates for winter weather. But they give way to other types when it comes to winter sports.

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