Snowboarding Gear -


Though the dispute between skiers and snowboarders is unsolvable, both parties keep having fun on the same sites. The snowboarding gear list is very similar to that of skiing, with the only difference in the means of transportation. GritrOutdoors is your dedicated supplier of both professional and cheap snowboarding gear, as well as men’s and women’s snowboarding gear from such high-end brands as Head, Dragon, Swix, Flow, and others. If you were wondering where to buy snowboarding gear, here’s the answer.

Is snowboarding hard for beginners?

Snowboarding is considered to be challenging for beginners to grasp, but it’s relatively easy to master once you can get a hold of the basics. We have a vast selection of snowboarding gear for beginners.

Is snowboarding harder than skiing? 

There is a consensus in the winter sports community that snowboarding is harder than skiing at the early stages. When it comes to mastering the sport, snowboarding takes the cake. 

What are the styles of snowboarding?

There are several styles of snowboarding that differ in techniques and equipment needed. As such, there are All Mountain, Park, Freestyle, Powder, and Freeride snowboarding.