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Men's Workout Pants

Wearing purpose-built workout pants is crucial for men who are serious about their fitness, as they are specially designed to withstand wear and tear, allow for a full range of motion, and keep you dry by wicking sweat from your skin. So Welcome to GRITR Outdoors - here you’ll find the right athletic pants for men that will help you achieve better results.

Traditional men's training pants feature lightweight and breathable material for maximum performance and comfort. These pants are perfect for running, jogging, or any other high-intensity workout. If you want extra ventilation, another popular option is men's capri pants, which provide a flattering and stylish fit. These pants typically extend to just below the knee during workouts in warmer weather.

Men's gym tights are perfect for those who prefer a tighter fit, as these pants are designed to offer support and compression to the muscles, improving blood flow during workouts. They are perfect for activities that require a lot of movement but can also be used for yoga. Finally, for those who prefer a looser fit, men's gym joggers are a great option. These pants are designed to be roomy and allow for unrestricted movement during weight training or other gym-based workouts. The tapered ankles ensure that the pants stay in place while you move.

The fabric depends on the type of activity: cotton and wool will be the optimal materials for walking or jogging depending on the season. For intense workouts, athletes choose clothing made from high-quality, wear-resistant breathable synthetics. Thermal pants for winter are sewn from heat-saving fabrics with special water-repellent impregnation and fleece insulation.

Women's Workout Pants

Athletic leggings are a staple workout clothing item for women worldwide and for a good reason. These pants provide a snug, form-fitting feeling that flexes and stretches as you do. Whether you're practicing yoga, hitting the gym for a weightlifting session, or taking a jog, gym leggings are perfect for all workout scenarios.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing women's workout leggings:

Flexibility: The materials used to make leggings, such as spandex and polyester, make them highly stretchable, flexible, and ideal for any activity that requires a full range of motion.

Comfort: Leggings also have a second-skin feel, which ensures ultimate comfort, allowing you to focus entirely on your workout.

Flattering Fit: Leggings hug the shape of your legs and waist, providing a flattering fit - it not only boosts confidence but also gives you a more streamlined silhouette without any added bulk.

When comparing tight yoga pants vs. leggings, it all comes down to the purpose of the garment. Tight yoga pants cater to yoga practice and provide the flexibility required to move around slowly and fluidly. In contrast, leggings provide compression and support suitable for high-impact workouts like running and weightlifting.


Can I use jogging pants to the gym?

Yes, you can wear jogging pants for the gym, but they may not provide the same comfort, support, and flexibility for some types of exercise.

What type of workout pants are best for running?

Almost any type of workout pants will be great for running as long as they offer sufficient ventilation, moisture-wicking, and UV protection.

Should workout pants be tight?

It depends on personal preference and the activity. Tight pants, like leggings or gym tights, provide compression and support, while looser-fit pants provide more room for unrestricted movement.

Can I wear cotton to the gym?

While cotton is soft and comfortable, it is not ideal for intense workouts as it absorbs sweat and can weigh you down. Better opt for synthetic, moisture-wicking materials like polyester or spandex.

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