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Aqua Fitness

When you imagine yourself exercising, what picture comes to your mind? Maybe you see yourself doing downward dog in yoga class or running on a treadmill. The majority of people think about more conventional environments for fitness. But have you heard about water aerobics?

Water aerobics, or aqua fitness, is exercising in the swimming pool. The exercises are pretty similar to regular aerobics, but water makes this activity a completely different experience. Since aqua fitness involves full-body exercises, it has an extremely positive impact on your health, body, and mind.

Aqua fitness takes place in shallow waters where you can touch the bottom with your feet. It means that you don’t even need to know how to swim.

Water aerobics has several benefits. Water exercises are low-impact, so you won’t be able to harm yourself with fast and dynamic movements. By doing aqua aerobics, your muscles work harder because you need to put more effort to fight water resistance. Your lungs, heart, and blood vessels also strengthen because of water pressure. The cold water stimulates your body to generate more energy to warm itself, thus, burning more calories. And, of course, doing any exercises, especially in the water, is good for your mental health. You sleep better, deal with stress better, and become less prone to depression and anxiety.

Aqua Fitness Equipment

So what equipment do you need for water fitness?

Aqua fitness belt provides better buoyancy. Wrapped around your waist, it stabilizes your body and frees your hands up for exercising. The belt allows for a wider range of motion. Extended arms and legs fighting water resistance stimulate the heart to work harder, which results in a better cardiovascular workout.

Aqua fitnessdumbbells are made from buoyant material to resist water. To submerge them, you need to put effort.

Aqua fitness gloves are designed to create resistance and push you faster through the water when you swim.

Aqua fitness shoes are not required but they increase traction with the floor. With them, you can focus on exercising your upper body.

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