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Rifle Scope Rings

What’s a scope good for without something to attach it with? Scope rings are the medium between your optics and your rifle, they are your second option on par with one piece scope mounts. There are hundreds of best scope rings for you to choose from on Gritr Outdoors.

Rifle scope rings have been around longer than one piece mounts, so you may consider them a good old classic of scope mounting. They are lighter and usually cheaper than their younger counterparts, and they work greatly with bolt action rifles. Ring scope mounts are also more flexible, they can be adjusted for long range shooting, something that one piece mounts cannot boast. As they were invented earlier, such scope mounts are a bit more complicated to attach, but with a little practice you are sure to master this art.

Naturally, mount rings come at different sizes. Scope ring’s height is measured from the top of the base to the bottom of the scope tube.It is vital to know the exact height of the ring to match your rifle. On you can find a great variety of rings, including the absolute crowd pleaser 30mm scope rings, produced by such brands as

For over thirty years Talley Manufacturing has been producing scope rings and their bases. Their state-of-the-art facility and forthcoming customer service make Talley a relevant player in the scope rings business. Talley scope rings are rightfully considered to be top-tier products.

90 years of experience has made Weaver a reliable and strong player in the field of scope related products. They earned their place on the market by constantly implementing cutting-edge technologies, so Weaver scope rings are always a credible choice.

Founded in 1986, Vortex has always been specializing in producing quality scopes and scope accessories. Vortex scope rings are no exception, as there is nothing that Vortex values more than a satisfied customer.

Leupold & Stevens has more-than-a-century-worth of knowledge and expertise in the sphere of scope producing. They pay as much attention to their accessories’ quality as to their optics’, so Leupold scope rings are sure to serve you long and faithfully.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, we offer you hundreds of scope rings to choose from, quality and good prices are assured.