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Scope Covers

As a rule, nobody enjoys feeling exposed. We don’t pass any judgments here, but rifle scopes share this lack of excitement of being vulnerable. A good scope is usually a big investment, and it is only natural for the buyer to want to protect their purchase. Even though scopes are tough guys, they are not invincible. Luckily, you have a way to prolong your scope’s healthy and functional life. Treat others the way you want to be treated, right? Scope covers are a great way to keep your optics safe and sound.

Scopes have two main parts that need protection: body and lenses. Even though modern scope bodies are as durable as ever and lenses have great abrasion protection, none of them is immune to damage. If you are constantly leaving your scope uncovered, it will accumulate tiny scratches over time, inevitably affecting image quality. Riflescope covers can easily help you to prevent this from happening. They will also save your time on cleaning the lens, as it has no chances of getting dirty in the first place. Hunting covers are also usually made of water-resistant material, to keep water and moisture at bay. If you live in a rainy area, getting a waterproof scope cover is an absolute must. 

Scope Cases

Scope cases and covers are not the same things. Shooting covers are made from softer materials and can be put on mounted scopes, thus you won’t need to take them off the rifles. Scope cases, on the other hand, resemble ordinary suitcases: they are sturdy and can be carried in one hand. You’ll need to unmount your scope to put it inside, obviously, but cases are definitely tougher than covers. They are also vital for bigger optical devices that are not mounted on rifles, like spotting scopes. Buying a spotting scope case is a reasonable investment that will alleviate the carrying process and ensure the scope’s safety. 

Lens Covers

Also known as lens caps, they protect lenses from scratches and minor collisions. It’s hard to be prepared for everything, not impossible though. The lens is a very precious part of the scope, and far be it from us not to give you tools to protect it. Lens covers, presented in this category, are made of rubber, they are pretty easy to put on and off. If you are looking for more durable protection, consider taking a look at our flip-up caps.

Better safe than sorry, and Gritr Outdoors offers you a wide choice of products to keep the latter part from happening. 


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