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Winter Sports

Winter’s monochrome color palette hides boundless opportunities to have fun while enjoying the outdoors. Winter sports are one of the best ways to fully enjoy winter and experience its every aspect. Any winter sport requires dedicated equipment, and Gritr Outdoors is happy to provide you with all kinds of winter sports gear. We work with the industry's leading brands like Head, Swix, Fischer, Nordica, and others to bring you only exemplary-quality products.

How many winter sports are there?

The complete winter sports list includes more than 70 articles, with sports varying from easily recognized titles like skiing and snowboarding to less widespread kinds like snowkiting and skibobbing. 

What are the most popular winter sports?

If we talk about team sports, the palm goes to hockey. Skiing is hands down the most popular individual winter sport, followed by ice skating and snowboarding. 

What equipment do winter sports require?

Winter sports equipment includes insulated apparel, reinforced boots, head protection, and dedicated gear needed for the sport of your choosing. It also includes bags designed for winter environments.

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