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Deer Calls

Pursuing your game is an unparalleled kind of pleasure. Putting your profound tracking knowledge to use and seeing it bringing the results are uniquely enjoyable activities. However, it is for a good reason that the saying goes as changeable as the weather. Weather is a very capricious madam, and it often has a change of heart. On one day, it may facilitate your hunt and almost highlight the tracks you are following or lead a deer right into your hands. On another day, it obscures all footprints and adds even more challenges to an already complicated task. If you don’t want to rely on external factors too much, then a deer call might alleviate your mission. 

Deer calls are a variety of hunting calls designed to attract deer, which is quite evident from its title. They can imitate different kinds of calling and attract either does, bucks, or both of them at once. Deer calls have different designs according to the purpose they serve. Doe bleat cans imitate the sound a doe makes to communicate. A bleat can is a great way to notify deer that there is another one of their kind nearby.

If you want to attract the attention of mature deer males, a buck grunt call will prove itself useful. It is important not to overdo things and not call too often - once every 15-20 minutes should suffice. The idea behind using this type of deer hunting call is to make a buck believe there is another buck tending to the doe. Bucks are more aggressive when they are in the rut, and if you want to walk the extra mile (figuratively) to attract one, you might want to get rattling horns. The sound they produce emulates the deer fight and may attract a buck even closer to you. The horns don’t clash too often during buck fights, so use the sound sparingly.

There are also fawn distress calls that attract mature deer by producing the sound of a baby deer in trouble. Best fit for early season hunting, this game call will attract both bucks and does. But be ready to see them on high alert since they will be looking for danger. 

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