Ski Goggles for Men & Women -

Ski Goggles

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skier - ski goggles are absolute must-haves, though often underestimated. They not only shield your eyes from snow and wind so you could see clearly and with no pain what’s going on down the mountain and around. Top-tier ski goggles also block harmful UV rays and feature anti-fogging technology. GRITR Outdoors offers a vast selection of ski men’s & women’s ski goggles from top-tier brands, such as Scott, Dragon, and Head, as well as replacement lenses and ski helmets matched with goggles.

How to keep ski goggles from fogging?

Since goggles fog when warm vapor contacts cold lenses, you need to maximize ventilation in the helmet and balaclava and minimize temperature differences between the goggles’ inside and environment. Don’t forget to reapply an anti-fog coating or get a pair with an anti-fogging tech.

What is VLT in ski goggles?

VLT means visible light transmission, so the higher the percentage, the more light lenses allow. Light transmission goes along with colors. Gray, silver, and red lenses are typical for higher VLT, i.e. goggles for lower-light conditions. Green, blue, amber, and orange are featured in lower VLT goggles for sunny-day rides.

What are the best ski goggles?

Choose adequate VLT - high for low-light conditions and low for sunny days. Look for interchangeable spherical lenses (wide FOV and less glare) and venting. Don’t wear polarized ski goggles or sunglasses because they make it harder to see icy patches.

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