Duck Hunting Calls -

Duck Calls

Walking hours in flooded timber, searching for your feathered game, may sound like an appealing activity. It is actually quite exciting, otherwise, you wouldn’t take up waterfowl hunting in the first place. There is, however, another aspect to it, as indispensable as tracking and observing. That aspect is duck calling (that is, if you are hunting ducks). Duck calls are special devices that produce sounds similar to ducks, alluring them and making hunting much easier. If some deer calls (bleat cans in particular) don’t require you to exhale in them, all calls for attracting ducks can be considered wind instruments. There are many types of duck calls, all different in volume, tone, number of reeds, and material.


Due to peculiarities in construction, duck calls can produce sounds of different volume levels. The choice you make should be determined by the environment you plan on hunting in. If it is open lakes and big rivers, you will need a call that can carry the sound far enough for ducks to hear, whereas hunting in enclosed environments like flooded timber, potholes, and beaver ponds calls for devices with quieter calls. 

The environment is not the sole factor you should take into consideration. Using quieter calls in open fields makes it more difficult for ducks to locate the source of the sound. If there is no cover for you to use, a loud call can give away your location. Another factor is the movement of the birds. If you try to draw the attention of the migrating ducks or birds traveling from one place to another, it would be more beneficial to have a loud call. If the birds are already coming to your area, you can manage with a quieter call.

Number of Reeds

According to the number of reeds, there are single-reed and double-reed calls. The former ones are more suitable for proficient users, who know how to control their breath and intonations through a call. Single-reed duck calls are more dynamic, they offer a broader range of volume and tone but are harder to master. Those are the best duck calls for avid waterfowl hunters.

Double-reed duck calls are more user-friendly, and because of that, they can produce a smaller range of sounds. They can still create accurate duck vocalizations while being relatively easy to use. This trait makes them great duck calls for beginners.


Several materials can serve as the base for these devices. Wooden duck calls look more appealing while producing softer and mellower sounds but require more complicated care rituals. You might need to disassemble it after every hunt to let it dry properly. Acrylic calls are simpler in that regard and usually produce sharper and louder sounds. 

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