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Scope Mounts

Getting a good scope is only half the deal, now you need to affix it to your rifle. It would be a crime to sell scopes and sights without providing tools to use them. We are law-abiding citizens and thus provide a huge collection of rifle scope mounts to suit all tastes. It might seem like a trifle, but the way your scope is affixed matters more than one can imagine. The scope needs to be mounted steadily, otherwise your shot has all chances to end up in a tree trunk behind your target. 

There are basically two varieties of scope mounts: one piece mounts and scope rings. Sometimes it is nothing but a question of preference, but on some occasions the choice will depend heavily on the rifle’s set-up.

One Piece Mounts

One piece mounts are considered to be very robust and sturdy. They are easy to mount and dismount and match perfectly with modern tactical rifles. Due to their form, such mounts don’t require much alignment, which might make them more favorable than scope rings. However, it’s important to remember that such mounts tend to be heavier than rings, which in turn may affect your experience with the rifle. 

Naturally, companies that specialize in scopes are also producing means to use them. Among the top brands, whose products you can buy on Gritr Outdoors, are

Leupold & Stevens probably has the longest history among other brands. Founded in 1907, this family-owned company has been producing scopes and attending accessories of top quality for over a century. If time is the best judge, Leupold scope mounts have definitely passed the trial. 

Vortex began its business back in 1986, and has become one of the biggest scope producers since then. Good scopes call for good accessories, and Vortex scope mounts match that criterion perfectly.

Being another industry veteran, Weaver has 90 years of producing quality scopes and scope mounts in its portfolio. There is no way to keep up with time without implementing innovations, and Weaver made it their priority. If there is a new cutting edge technology in the world of optics, they are sure to be one of the first companies to utilize it. 

Warne has been operating since 1947 and has accumulated experience to be reckoned with. They offer a big choice of quality scope mounts, in addition to other scope accessories.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, we offer you all kinds of AR scope mounts, rifle scope mounts, generally scope mounts for any type of weapon you might need. Quality and affordability is guaranteed.