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Insoles & Footbeds

When we think about footwear comfort, we often perceive a shoe as a one-piece item. It is either comfortable or not, and few are ready to investigate why the shoe fits poorly. The thing is both comfort and discomfort of wearing depend not only on the shape of footwear but also on the insole. Being the inside part of the shoe, an insole, also known as a footbed, supports the bottom of your foot, providing a more comfortable and supportive fit. If it’s properly chosen, that is. Poor insoles can be as much of a disturbance as a rock that you can’t get out of your shoe. Manufacturers are not always thorough in their efforts to make quality shoes, neglecting insoles since they are easily replaceable. If you want your footbeds replaced or looking for specific aftermarket insoles with additional properties, this page is at your service.   

Shoe Insoles

Walking works in such a way that a lot of stress is applied to our feet when we touch the ground. If this stress isn’t properly distributed, our knees, ankles, and hips may ache. One of the functions of insoles is to absorb that shock and distribute the weight evenly. Negligent foot care is fraught with health problems, that’s why insoles for shoes are so important. If you already have foot issues for any other reason, footbeds can also alleviate pain. Arch support insoles are the best candidates for the job. They support the arch and diminish pain. Footbeds can be made of a wide variety of materials. There are leather insoles, footbeds made of cellulose paperboard, and synthetic board. Serving more than just comfort, shoe insoles can also repel odor and absorb moisture, which makes them a really multifunction piece of footwear accessory.        

Heated Insoles

Our feet tend to be the first part of our body to start freezing. Winter insoles are designed specifically to keep your feet warm while not being too thick. Many heating insoles work on batteries and can keep the feet warm for many an hour. Some winter insoles instead feature aluminum film for additional insulation. Regardless of their composition, they make for great accessories for winter weather.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can choose from a large selection of shoe insoles. We work with such brands as Alegria, Pedag, Sole, and Sidas to bring you the best quality soles on the market. Be it regular footbeds or heated insoles, there is definitely something that can meet your needs. 

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