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Turkey Hunting Gear

Hunting is a game where players try to outfox each other using various techniques. Animals have camouflaging patterns and colors, superior senses, stronger leg muscles, and wings. However, humans are the most successful predators because we invented tools that help us hunt.

Though skills decide, hunting gear is also an essential component of success. And while many generations did well with far less than modern hunters have at their disposal today, turkey hunting gear will help accelerate your experience and make you a more dangerous predator. So what do you need for harvesting turkeys?

Turkey Hunting Clothes

Remember we’ve mentioned senses? These birds have excellent eyesight and tell colors very well. This is why clothing of solid colors, even when the colors match the surroundings, fails to provide concealment. Camo clothes do a better job at keeping you beyond the perception of turkeys.

As the turkey season progresses, the predominant shades of brown typical at the beginning of spring will change to greens. So should your turkey hunting clothing. Explore the places turkeys love and choose the camo that matches the surrounding terrain best. At Gritr Outdoors, you’ll find turkey hunting pants, shirts, jackets, and turkey vests from such trusted brands as Sitka, King’s Camo, Banded, and others.

To be a successful turkey hunter, you need to cover all your body parts, including your neck, hands, and face, because the turkey’s eyes are sensitive to ultraviolet light bouncing off your skin. Neck gaiters, masks, gloves, caps, and hats will ensure a proper cover.

Turkey Calls

Calling is essential for luring birds into the range. However, you can’t just make incoherent noises and expect turkeys to go along with it. Before heading out to the field for your first hunt with a call, you need to know what types of sounds turkeys make for what reason. Then you need to master your call.

Turkey friction calls are the most beginner-friendly. As you’ve guessed, they use friction to mimic turkey sounds. That’s why they are the easiest to master. However, they can’t boast the versatility turkey mouth calls offer. This game call design is the hardest to master, but the array of sounds you can produce with it is astonishing. Besides, mouth calls are extremely portable and don’t take your hands for operation.

Other Turkey Hunting Gear

Gritr Outdoors carries everything you may need for your turkey hunts, including turkey camo, blinds, hunting boots, and optics (red dot sights, scopes, and binoculars). Shop and enjoy your adventures!

What type of Turkey Hunting Gear do I need?

Typically, you'll need the following gear for turkey hunting: a shotgun (preferably one designed for turkey hunting), camouflage clothing, decoys, a call such as a box or slate call, camo gloves, and a face mask.

Is Camouflage Clothing Necessary?

Camouflage clothing is essential when it comes to turkey hunting since turkeys have excellent vision and can easily spot movement against bright colors we typically wear. Choose clothing that helps break up your outline and blends in with the environment where you plan to hunt.

What type of Shotgun should I use for Turkey Hunting?

When it comes to choosing the right shotgun for turkey hunting, look for one that is suitable for shooting heavier shot sizes. Selecting the right gauge will depend on your specific needs and preferences - 12-gauge shotguns are commonly used while 16 or 20-gauge shotguns are suitable if you're looking for something lighter.

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