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Hunting Shoes

Hunting Shoes

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For decades, hunters have been searching for big hunting boots built to survive whatever nature had in store. Typically, they featured a rugged leather upper for water resistance and durability and a stiff sole intended to prevent the feet from wrapping around rocks, roots, and branches and run a little higher than ankle or mid-calf. However, the advancements in technology and materials prompted the development of lightweight hunting shoes.

Hunting Boots vs. Hunting Shoes

Hunting shoes are just as good as boots, but their best application differs. Nothing beats hunting boots when it comes to traveling in complex rocky terrains and damp environments because a stiff sole and a tall upper provide the support necessary for uneven terrains. Besides, tall insulated boots for winter hunts keep your feet warmer and protect them from snow.

Hunting shoes, on the other hand, are the best for warm and hot weather hunting, high-output spot-and-stalking, and hunting in flat country with easier terrain because they have a sneaker design and, thus, are lighter and more flexible.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Hunting

The things to look for in the best hunting shoes are breathability, water resistance, shock absorption, and anti-slip sole. We advise thinking twice before buying completely waterproof hunting shoes. Good thing that they don’t allow any water in. Considerably reduced breathability is a bad thing. Better look for shoes made with a quick-drying, breathable fabric with mesh.

You also want shoes featuring EVA foam or any other cushioning material that absorbs shock. It’s vital because shoes have flexible soles and no shanks that soften impacts. Finally, you need an outsole with a pattern that ensures better traction, made with a material that prevents slipping on wet and muddy uneven surfaces.

Women’s & Men’s Hunting Shoes for Sale

We carry all hunting gear an avid hunter may need, including hunting shoes loaded with various performance-enhancing features. We also offer an array of hiking shoes you can use for hunting. Shop for the best hunting footwear at GRITR Outdoors.


How are hunting shoes different from hunting boots?

Hunting shoes and hunting boots are both designed for outdoor activities, but they serve different purposes and have distinct features. Hunting shoes are typically lighter and more flexible than hunting boots. They are designed for mobility and comfort during less strenuous hunting activities. Hunting shoes may also have lower collars, allowing for more freedom of movement. Hunting boots are generally heavier and sturdier. They offer more protection against harsh conditions and rough terrains.

What factors should I consider when buying hunting shoes?

When buying hunting shoes, you should consider all the factors standard for choosing footwear. First and foremost, you should prioritize a comfortable fi, so take your foot length and width into account. Then you can look at physical properties of shoes: their durability, waterproofing, insulation, breathability and traction.

Are all hunting shoes waterproof?

Not all of them, but many high-quality ones are. Waterproofing is a crucial feature even if you don't plan to hunt in naturally damp environments. A recent rain can make the terrain pretty wet, and stepping into a puddle you didn't see won't bring your spirits up. Waterproof hunting shoes will protect you from a certain amount of water.