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Red Dot Sights

If simplicity is a key to success, then red dot sights have all chances of becoming king of the hill among other sights. Designed for close to moderate ranges, this optic assists shooters in their main goal - hitting the target. Being one of the most widely-known types of gun optics, red dot sight is a vast category that comprises a number of other sights, united by the same feature: placing a red dot on your target.

How do Red Dot Sights work?

The principle of their work is not complex: a light-emitting diode (LED) shines a beam of light onto the specially coated piece of glass, that reflects only red light, thus preventing other light from disturbing your reticle. The beam is further projected onto the lens you look through. As simple as that.

Of course, dots are not bound to be only red and reticles may take shapes other than a dot. This is a general name for sights that utilize a similar technique. The red color was initially chosen to be extra visible against most backgrounds, but modern producers offer you several other colors to choose from. 

Red dot sights are extremely versatile and compact. They are probably the easiest to use and they facilitate the target acquisition process and ensure faster shooting. Mini red dot scopes are comfortable enough for concealed carry. Throughout decades red dot scopes remain a game-changer for its users. 

Red Dot vs Scope for Hunting 

The answer to this frequent question depends heavily on your intentions. Are you going to remain still or move while shooting? Is your target going to be a still or a moving one? What is the distance you are willing to shoot from? How big is your target? Once you know the answers to these questions, it will be much easier to find the most suitable solution. 

Thanks to their small size and lightweight, red dot sights make it easier to be swift and precise at close distances. As they are not embedded with natural magnification, such sights are more comfortable to use with both eyes open, which is a great benefit if either you or your target is moving. If you hunt smaller animals that are more difficult to see from long distances, this sight might be more helpful. It’s a common practice to use a red dot sight for turkey hunting, for example, so your chosen prey is another thing to consider.

If you plan to shoot targets from a static position over 100 yards, then you might consider getting a scope to enhance precision and accuracy. With their magnifying capabilities, scopes shine most at medium to long distances, though they can also be used for a closer shooting if preferred. Hunting scopes often come with bullet drop indicators and tools for adjusting to windage and elevation to give you a most precise shot. 

But why be torn between two options when you can get everything at once! Gritr Outdoors offers you a choice of magnifiers for sights to give the needed magnification, as well as offset sights to go with your scope. If a single sight is quite enough for you, we have a wide choice of red dot sights for AR15, guns, rifles, and pistols. 


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