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When it comes to towing, there's more to the task than just hooking up and hitting the road. You need the right accessories to ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient towing. From tow package installation to selecting the right hitch parts and tow accessories, there's a lot to consider.

Besides the core components, such as a tow hitch, mounts, etc., a comprehensive tow package should include the necessary electrical connections for operating your trailer lights, including brake lights, turn signals, reversing lights, and license plate lights. For those who frequently tow heavy loads, investing in quality truck hitch accessories, like heavy-duty wiring for powering the braking system of a trailer, is a must. 

A complete tow package might also include upgrades to the tow vehicle itself – heavy-duty suspension and brakes, an enhanced engine and transmission cooling system, upgraded rear-end gearing, a larger battery and alternator, and additional driver-assistance systems. All these towing accessories contribute to a reliable and safe towing experience, whether you're hauling recreational vehicles, boats, construction materials, or anything in between.

Beyond the essential components of a tow package, there are several other towing supplies you may find beneficial for your towing needs. Tuff chocks, for instance, are incredibly useful for preventing your trailer from moving or rolling away when parked. Similarly, camper levelers are crucial for ensuring that your trailer is perfectly level, offering stability and enhancing the overall comfort during your stay in the camper. And let's not forget about hitch covers - not only do they add a personal touch to your setup, but they also protect the hitch from dirt, grime, and rust, prolonging its lifespan.

In essence, while the basic elements of a tow package are crucial, investing in these additional towing supplies can significantly enhance your towing experience, providing added safety, convenience, and peace of mind.


What does a typical tow package include?

A tow package typically includes a tow hitch, wiring harness, heavy-duty suspension and brakes, engine and transmission cooling system, larger battery and alternator, upgraded rear-end gearing, and towing circuitry for trailer lights.

What is a suspension enhancement system?

A suspension enhancement system is designed to improve the ride quality and handling of your vehicle when it's under load. This could be while towing a trailer or carrying heavy cargo. The system usually includes elements like air springs, additional leaf springs, stabilizer bars, or shock absorbers.

What tow accessories might I need?

Several towing accessories can enhance your towing experience and provide added safety, such as tuff pads to prevent sinking into soft ground when parked; safety chains that provide a secondary connection between the trailer and the tow vehicle, should the primary coupling fail; rapid jacks that help you to change a flat tire on your trailer without the need for a traditional jack; and more.