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Action Cameras

An action camera is an equipment for shooting video in difficult and extreme conditions. For this reason, it must correspond with special requirements for protection against aggressive influences such as rain, snow, and mechanical shock.

Almost all hunters pay attention to the matrix resolution when choosing a camera. It is believed that the higher resolution is, the better the shooting quality. Actually, this is not true. Image expansion depends on the number of pixels, but the more pixels in the matrix, the smaller their size, due to which light sensitivity is lost. 

Usually action cameras are used in difficult hunting conditions, so it’s not always convenient to rotate them. For this reason, the viewing angle is important, which ranges from 100 to 360 degrees. The optimal angle is 120-150 degrees. In this case, the image is slightly distorted and the lens captures a significant portion of the space.

Focusing is responsible for the definition of the image, it can be both manual, and automatic. Autofocusing is found in almost all modern action devices. You don't have to check the sharpness of the image, which is very convenient while hunting. At the same time, autofocusing is effective only in good lighting conditions. Under other conditions, the camera does not always understand which object to "focus" on. In this case, it is better to adjust the focus manually.

Features of Action Cameras

  • Hunting is a very intensive activity, you can run and jump. Image stabilization helps remove shake from a video recording. 
  • All action cameras have a high degree of moisture protection and can withstand diving up to 5 meters.
  • In addition to shooting videos, you can also take pictures.
  • Night vision camera is a finding for lovers of darkness, and something interesting will definitely get into the lens.
  • GPS is a useful feature for those who travel a lot. GPS fixes geolocation every 15 seconds, which is convenient when sorting videos by location

Action cameras are usually used in dusty, humid conditions with a high risk of dropping the device, so they need protection. Many models are equipped with protective boxes. These small boxes, in which the camera is placed, protect against dust and mechanical damage.

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