Snowshoeing Accessories -

Snowshoeing Accessories

Snowshoeing has many benefits. First, it’s a lower-cost, more beginner-friendly activity compared to skiing and snowboarding. Just like summer hiking, it’s a great low-impact exercise that will keep you in shape through winter, but the season is less crowded. Snowshoeing gear set doesn’t require lots of stuff - basically, you’ll need only snowshoes, warm waterproof boots, and layered clothes. But if you want ultimate comfort and protection, you’ll need additional snowshoeing equipment. So welcome to shop for electric socks and insoles, boot heater batteries, snowshoe gaiters, and dryers on GRITR Outdoors!

What gear do I need for snowshoeing?

A beginner’s snowshoeing gear list includes:

  • Snowshoes (picked based on weight recommendations), warm layered winter clothes, and waterproof winter boots.
  • Enhancements: gaiters to keep snow out of boots, a sock system or heated socks, and a boot dryer (to dry gear at home). 
  • Snowshoe poles to maintain balance.
  • Snowshoe backpack with essential survival gear.

How do you keep your feet warm while snowshoeing?

For maximum warmth, you need two layers of winter hiking socks: the base synthetic liner for wicking sweat and the outer-layer merino wool or wool-blend socks. Put winter insoles with foil layers and insulating foam into your winter hiking boots. For more customized warmth, go with heated insoles or socks. Put on snow gaiters, and you’re good to go.