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Western Wear

Be it an imperishable spirit of the Wild West that brought you here, or the simple phrase western wear near me typed into the search bar, Gritr Outdoor welcomes you on our Western Wear page. As the name suggests, this category is a vibrant catalog of all sorts of garments inspired by and designed after a traditional western fashion. Paying tribute to genuine western outfits, many brands like Outback Trading and Scully carry on the legacy of the American frontier through dedicated clothing and accessories. 

Cowboy Wear

Our choice of western wear for men is anything but scarce. On this page, you can find all the elements of a cowboy outfit you might need to draw up a Western-inspired outfit. Whether it is rodeo western wear you are after or a modern interpretation of traditional garments, you can find them here.

Cowgirl Wear

Our selection of western wear for women can meet the needs of those pursuing fashion and practicality. If you are looking for a cowgirl outfit, you’ve found it.

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